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How To Grow Your Business With Email Marketing

Lifecycle emails or email marketing automation emails are a series of emails that are sent out automatically on a schedule depending upon the actions of the customer. To make email sequences work, the frequency must be right, the newsletters need to be personal, and have to be sent in response to user activity, plus include a clear and strong call to action. Always consider what’s the goal of an email sequence and does it make sense to have an email sequence or just a one-time campaign? Build smart campaigns, not only one email:

A welcome email is the first direct communication to a subscriber. The first impression counts! Personalisation makes an email memorable. As a minimum requirement, the subscriber’s name should be used in the subject line, and if possible the content of the email based on the subscriber’s gender, location, or other preferences. Onboarding emails are great to help subscribers realise the value of the product or service. This will help in customer retention and more significant revenue. Turn a free trial into a paid membership or ultimately make a sales pitch.

Providing great content and value in emails is not enough. The reader has to be guided to the next step with a clear call to action!

An abandoned cart email sequence is an excellent opportunity to turn a lead into a customer because the person has already expressed a high intent to buy. Create a single abandoned cart email or a series that displays the name, product image, and price for items customers have left behind. To close the deal, an incentive in the form of free shipping, discount code or extended free trial can be offered. With upsell/cross-sell improved sales emails, a brand can give customers a fantastic opportunity to buy additional items that complement their initial order. Re-engagement emails aim to get customer’s attention, not to push sales! Ask subscriber to update their email preferences and re-engage, or unsubscribe for good. Send renewal reminders before the renew date.

Tracking your email sequence is essential to compare it with other sources of leads and customer, and to improve your email sequence continually.

For more ideas, tips and newsletter examples:

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