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How to Effectively Market Your Art Online

Creative minds are focused on their artistic work. Digital Marketing offers simple-to-maintain and cost-effective channels to promote illustrators, photographers, painters, and graphic designers and their work. A website, displaying masterpieces and providing details for potential buyers, is set up within hours. Instagram and Facebook are ideal for showcasing the latest artworks and reaching out to an art-interested audience. Newsletters are great to stay in touch.

A website with your art portfolio is a key touch point that your potential customers will visit. Also discover the websites that cater to your audience. These might be future venues to help expose your work to the right people. Showcase on Facebook photos of your work in progress, in the studio and displayed in buyers’ homes. Target people based on their interests and activities with a monthly budget as low as $20. Artists can sell $2,000 pieces online and often sell quite a few works for less than a $1,000. On Instagram people can easily scroll through artwork. It’s perfect for artists who want to capture the attention of art dealers and agents, and to market directly to well-heeled art collectors looking for the next great artist. Email marketing is great for building a relationship with contacts. How many times someone says that they “love your work but can’t buy it right now?” Ask them to sign up for your mailing list so that they can hear more about your work in the future. People love behind the scenes and previews of what’s to come. Build a fan base around your work that sells your art for you!

Read on for more tips on how artists can effectively market their art online:

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